Professional Development Presentations offered by our elected officers.


Lisa Morehouse, CEOE
Believe in the Magic – Santa Claus and the Office Professional! - What in the world does an office professional and Santa Claus have in common? To start with, it’s a proven fact that we both have one of the toughest jobs in the world! We deal with all ages of people. Each wanting something different. We deal with weather, delivery of packages and deadlines. Sometimes our jobs seem impossible! Sometimes we wonder how we will ever get it all done! Join me as we take a peek into the magical world of Santa Claus – and see how we can tackle our jobs as office professionals and deliver our best! By the end of the workshop, you will “Believe in the Magic” you hold inside you!

Connect! Join! Thrive! It’s What We Do! – It’s common knowledge that many organizations are experiencing a decrease in involvement and membership. In this session, we will strain our brains to discover ways to strengthen our associations through membership retention and recruitment. We will dig deep and work hard to connect! We will reach, tweak, pull and encourage each other to join in! Throughout this fast paced, interactive session, we will discover the creativity and enthusiasm needed to help us grow our membership base one member at a time. We will re-discover the passion and excitement of our initial involvement in our associations. Working together we will develop an action plan of change! By the end of the session: We will Connect! We will Join! We will Thrive! “IT’S WHAT WE DO!”

The PSP Puzzle – Professional Standards Certification – NAEOP offers members the opportunity to develop professional skills and grow as leaders through a prescribed regime of experience, education, in-service and association responsibility requirements. Putting all these pieces together is truly a puzzle we can help you with! When you choose to pursue your PSP certification you are making a statement that professional development is important to you, both professionally and personally. Join me as we sort the pieces, line up the edges, fill in the middle and piece together the PSP Puzzle of Professional Certification!

The Phoenix: Rising From the Ashes – The myth of the Phoenix, an Arabian bird that lives for centuries, is that it dies and rises from its own ashes to come back and do better than before. Is it possible for institutions, associations and most importantly, individuals to rise beyond where they are? Can we pick ourselves up and start anew? Join me for an interactive conversation to reenergize and motivate each other as we strive to offer our very best, day in and day out!


Susan Belliston, CEOE
President Elect
Customer Service in the Educational Office – In the school office, there has to be a good balance between being too friendly and offering good customer service to all who need to be served. We will discuss good and bad customer service and develop strategies to help maintain good customer service in the workplace.

Internet Safety -- Internet safety is becoming more important to each of us individually at home and in our workplace. We will discuss various safety practices and resources for safety while using the internet and email.



Jill Averyhart, CEOE
Vice President
Create a Website with Google – Learn how to create a website using Google Sites. What’s so great about Google Sites? It is a fun, free, and easy-to-use tool. There’s no coding knowledge needed, it has embedded themes and gadgets, and you can collaborate while easily integrating Google-created documents, forms, slides, and sheets.

Infographics for Everyone – Did you know 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eye? People remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and a whopping 80% of what they see and do! This is why infographics can be a great tool for everyone. They are easy to digest, fun to share and extremely engaging. Find out how you can use Infographics.

Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna? – Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna? Is an engaging session that illustrates when you put your uniqueness into action with a positive attitude, great things happen. The session highlights 4 key points to provide memorable experiences: Be Creative; Remember What’s Important; Go Above and Beyond; and Have Fun.


Katherine Reichley, CEOE
Transitions: Are You Prepared? – Everyone experiences transitions on a regular basis in their work, family, and all other aspects of life. Hardly a day goes by that is just like the one before it especially in the school setting. Change is presented by our environment, our associates, and ourselves. Adjustments and modifications impact us in a range of positive to negative ways. No matter the type of transition, cause, purpose, or anticipated impact, we all go through them. In this workshop we will talk about the steps humans go through during typical transitions and ways we can be better prepared to come out on the other side. We will also touch on ways to support one another.

What Matters at Your School – According to the newly published book geared toward undergraduate education*, the following should matter most in our schools: learning, relationships, expectations, alignment, improvement and leadership. Through conversation, concepts. They will also begin to identify ways they can personally, or as a group, improve their schools in these critical areas. Information on how to host a book group at your school can also be included. *The Undergraduate Experience: focusing Institutions on What Matters Most by Felton, Gradner, Schroeder, Lambert and Barefoot


Wendy Heslink, CEOE
Immediate Past President
Effective Time Management – Every day we manage multiple projects, priorities and deadlines, sometimes for multiple people. We are expected to implement, monitor, control and deliver quality work while maintaining professionalism in our offices. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. This workshop will help you focus on the activities that will save you time in order to help you work smarter, not harder. We will identify common time-wasters and how to avoid them. You will learn simple, practical techniques that will help you the most, including prioritization and goal setting.

Learn, Inspire, Lead! – Whether you know it or not, you may already be looked upon as a leader in your field. What leadership skills are you portraying? You want to be a leader who creates energy on the team and inspires the growth of others. This workshop will help define who you are, what you have learned, and how you can inspire others to be the best they can be. You will learn how by learning and leading you are continually growing to be the best educational office professional you can be!

The Power of a Positive Attitude – Your attitude is your most priceless possession in the workplace. This workshop will provide you with techniques for utilizing your own skills as a true office professional to improve yourself, and maybe even others in your work environment. We will explore the magic of a positive attitude, the need for frequent attitude renewal and how to give your positive attitude to others.


Paula Rosenberger, CEOE
Mid Atlantic Area Director
Google!! – It’s time to get moving with Google….Mail, Forms, Docs, etc. During this briefing, we will discuss the great things offered through Google Mail, Google Forms, and Google Docs.


Donita Smith, CEOE
Northeast Area Director
Technology Tips, Tricks and Fun – Learn the little things that make documents look great. Everything from setting tabs to creating fun presentations and eye catching emails.


Eldene Wall, CEOE
Northwest Area Director
Rising to the Challenge - The view changes as we rise in altitude and climb the ladder of success. How do we succeed despite seemingly overwhelming circumstances? How do we keep on going “when the air is thin” and we feel ourselves growing weak? “Rising to the Challenge” will include some strategies for continuing our journey and reaching our goals, despite difficult experiences.
We will also learn how to nurture and mentor those under our care, whether in our EOP, at work or at home. We will learn to put themselves in our colleagues’ shoes and remember how it was during our own journey when a caring and insightful teacher, mentor or friend helped us break through the clouds of inexperience and reach the summit of extraordinary leadership. Twelve keys to extraordinary leadership will be shared, including how to encourage, enrich, engage, enthuse, and energize others.

Running the Race - When do you quit running the “Race of Life?” Is it when you reach a certain age or when you retire? Learn how to keep your energy and enthusiasm going even when you feel like dropping out or feel you have gone into overtime! Learn how to adapt to our ever-changing world, be inspired to become a lifelong learner and gain a passion for making a lasting difference!


Mary Guest, CEOE
North Central Area Director
Emotional Intelligence = Success – What is that one intangible thing that can help you be successful in both your professional and personal relationships? Most likely, it is emotional intelligence. This session will define emotional intelligence, examine the four abilities that constitute emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management), and help you understand how you can improve your emotional intelligence and become a star performer. It isn’t so much your IQ that makes you successful, bit It’s your EQ!

Another Meeting? Please Don’t Waste My Time - Learn to facilitate effective meetings through process and people management. This session will give you the tools to chair meetings with confidence. At the completion of this session, you will know how to structure your meetings to honor the time and energy of your members.

Leadership or Followership - Which Is It? In recent years, leadership has been defined by many as a relationship of influence. To have a relationship, there must be at least two parties involved, in this case, leaders and followers. Leaders cannot lead if no one is following. For this to be a successful relationship, influences must be multidirectional, not just top-down. In this session, you will discover what type of follower you are, and how important your influence is as a member. The power of your influence can determine the success, or failure, of your team or organization.

SOUP Recipe for Success - Using the principles of “SOUP,” learn about culture and building teams. Focus your energy on creating engaged relationships to empower your members and build a strong organization. Not unlike making a good pot of soup, building a good organization also takes many different ingredients (members). Reading Jon Gordon’s book, “Soup,” prior to attending this session is recommended, but not required.


Vickie Eaves, CEOE
Southeast Area Director
What is EOP? - We will look at the meaning and various aspects of what is EOP. Are we an EOP? Do we make the difference as an EOP? After this presentation, hopefully you will have the answers to the questions.


Teresa Himmelberger, CEOE
Southwest Area Director
Bridging the Communication Gap – Good communication is one of the most important things to have when transitioning to a new administrator or joining a new office setting. It is the key to success. What would be the first thing you would want to talk about with a new administrator? Would it be phone protocol, location of the break room, what budgets are available, the expectations of the office, etc.? So many questions come to mind, but what would be your top priority? In this workshop, we will discuss ways you can help Bridge the Communication Gap to make your transition process more successful.

S.U.R.F. the Wave to a Positively Charged Life – Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? In this class, we will not actually learn to surf, but we will explore the S.U.R.F. (Survey, Understand, Respond, and Focus) strategy. In life, we encounter awesome waves, but also some gnarly wipeouts. In our everyday work environment, so many things happen, and most of the time all at once. Bring your creative minds as we work together to S.U.R.F. the Wave to a Positively Charged Life.


Debbie McFadden, CEOE
South Central Area Director
Your Professional Development – Finding the path you’d like to reach in your professional development/career, tips to help reach the goal(s) to accomplish the new career or position you’re aiming for.