Welcome to the website for the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP). This is the only national association that represents, serves, and offers professional development for office professionals working in any educational setting, from preschool to higher education and even state departments of education. Our association has a rich history, dating back to 1934. Since that time we have been dedicated to providing outstanding programs for educational office professionals across the country.

I have chosen “Learn…Inspire…Lead” as our theme for the 2016-2017 year. It’s not only what I try to do, but it’s who I try to be and I encourage each of you to do the same. You have to take responsibility for your own growth. What steps are you taking to improve? Get out there and take the first step - LEARN!


Inspire - Webster defines inspiration as “a product of your creative thinking and work; arousing to a particular emotion or action; a sudden intuition as part of solving a problem.” Think of Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Billy Graham - these were all just ordinary people who decided to try and make the world a better place. They were leaders who, despite their backgrounds of poverty and great difficulty, truly believed they could change the world and encouraged others to do the same. See the greatness within yourself. See the part of you that wants to do something to better not only yourself, but others. Give back and inspire others. You never know who you inspire today that might come back and be of help to you tomorrow.

Lead - I have been so fortunate to have some amazing mentors in NAEOP, including many recent past presidents. They never told me what to do - they just did things, handled things, took care of things, and let me watch how they did it. From watching, I’ve been learning, and will continue to do so, I am sure. Be mindful of who is watching you. Lead others the way you’ve been led.

My friends and colleagues, throughout the coming year I am going to be encouraging you all to Learn, Inspire and Lead. You will be amazed at how good you feel, and you may even be surprised at how others look up to you while you do it! Learn something new. Inspire others to attend learning and growing opportunities, like state and national conferences. Lead by example. Challenge yourselves and be proud of your accomplishments and seeing the accomplishments of others!

Wendy Heslink, CEOE, President